O1 Training guide on business plans in blue ecotourism

This intellectual output consists on the creation of a Training Guide to teach students of the blue ecotourism entrepreneurship course on how to prepare a business plan. It is a complement to the course that will be designed in the intellectual product O2. The guide will include successful cases in entrepreneurship, information on blue ecotourism and examples of business plans. It will be structured in steps to follow in the development of a business plan, each didactic unit being a step, all focused on blue ecotourism entrepreneurship.


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O2 Ecoblue tourism Mobile learning APP

The second intellectual output is Ecoblue tourism Mobile learning APP, an application that will run on smartphones and tablets compatible with android systems and iOs. The content of the app will be about entrepreneurship applying the ECVET methodology within the framework of EntreComp. In addition, it will include an explanation on the management of the mobile learning app. The objectives of this output are to make known the training methodology in entrepreneurship developed in the intellectual output 1 and teach the use of the app as a didactic tool.